What to Consider When Choosing a Location for your Solar Panels

Sunlight strikes everywhere on the Earth at one time or another. There are variations of course, depending on the latitude, season and other factors. So choosing the best location on your house to place your solar installations should be pretty straightforward, right? Well, it’s not as easy as you might think.

When we hear the term solar panels, many of us immediately think about flat, shiny surfaces mounted on the roofs of houses. While it may be true that many solar energy systems are installed on roofs, there are some that aren’t. Roof-mounted solar installations are common because of two factors. Roofs are usually unobstructed and get the most amount of sunlight relative to the rest of the house, and they are usually located away from debris that might fall on them, potentially damaging the solar panels in the process. 

But there are houses where their solar system is not on their roofs. And as mentioned above, there are factors that may affect your decision on where to place your solar installation. Here are a few things to consider so you can your solar panels’ location correctly.


There may be a few things that could impede your solar panels from getting the optimum amount of sunlight. These may include trees, other properties, and even the occasional cliff or mountain outback. While it may be recommended that the panels face south, this might not be the case for some because of the nature of these obstructions. Like when you live on a house with a clump of trees on the south side, the distance between your house and the trees and the angle they make with the sun should help you decide whether it’s better for the panels to be mounted on the roof or on the ground.

Weather and climate

California is a prime market for solar technology due to its weather and topography. California is mostly flat ground with generally sunny weather, perfect for catching the sun’s rays. The occasional precipitation consists of sporadic drizzles and rains, nothing that can be a danger to any solar installation. For this reason, roof-mounted panels are very common in California. But what about other places? In locations where climate patterns include days with heavy snowfall, it makes little sense to install the panels on the roof where it’s hard to get to them to clean up snow that might damage it. This is also especially true for places where the occasional hailstorm occurs. In locations like this, it’s probably better for the panels to be mounted on the ground where you can easily protect your panels from adverse conditions.

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