Pick a Lock Tools

pick a lock tools

Since the mid-2000s there has been a huge growth in interest in picking locks. This was largely due to the internet facilitating easy access to high quality Lock Picks, Electric Pick Guns, Bump Keys, Jigglers, Tension wrenches and practice locks and advice on how to use them. It also lowered the barrier to entry for newcomers to get started with the hobby. Specialty stores like ours offer a wide range of tools to help you get started and progress as a lock picker.

To pick a lock tools you need two things: a pick and a tension wrench or similar tool. Usually lock pick sets contain both of these. A pick is a long, thin piece of metal that narrows to a point or curves slightly at the end and manipulates the inner parts (pins) of the lock. Rakes are a type of pick with multiple ridges that scrape across the inside of the pins to set them, which can open the lock.

Picking Locks Like a Pro: Your Guide to Essential ‘Pick a Lock’ Tools

There are a number of methods to break into locks, but most are variations on the theme of using the tension wrench to create a small ledge in the lock and then jiggling and raking around until one pin BINDS. Then you can pick and lift that pin to shear line and the plug will turn allowing you to remove it.

It can be tempting to buy a complete set of picks and rakes and try them all out – but this will only lead to confusion. Eventually you will discover which ones work well for your style and the specific lock at hand, and what each pick is best used for will become clear.