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Unique Roof Installation Techniques

In roof installation, it is not always about the common material like a wooden one. The material could be from steel. The material of the roof is various. The top part of the building that functions to hold the roof cover load is more. The shape of the frame can also be modified in such a way as to produce various forms of the roof, such as saddles and shields. The series of rods are arranged into a single unit in the form of a standard triangle – which is proven to be the most stable and sturdy. The principle of the frame on sawhorses is to divide the triangle into smaller triangles. The following will explain some types of roof frame construction (sawhorses) based on the material.

The first common material in roof installation is a wood roof. Wood has indeed been the main material in development, including the roof truss, because many are available in the wild. Types of wood for the roof frame include teak, hardwood, etc. Wood is resilient and elastic can withstand loads, both pressure and bending. With a lightweight wooden roof truss, it does not overload the underlying structure. Wooden roof frames can also be formed relatively easily and quickly. In addition to its technical advantages, wood seems natural and exotic so that it can add to the beauty of the room. But the wooden roof truss also has drawbacks. Among them are termites, flammability, and easily affected by temperature changes. Wood needs special treatment and care, such as termite coating.