UCLA’s Cinema and Media Studies Major

Cinema and Media

If you want to study the relationship between moving images, social contexts, and digital media, you’ll find that Cinema and Media Studies is the perfect major for you. This interdisciplinary degree trains students to think critically and write with precision. The program explores the history of moving images, theorizes their aesthetics, and analyzes their social implications. It is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide range of areas, including television and film programming, art exhibitions, cultural policy, and the media industries.

UCLA has long been recognized as a leader in the study of cinema and media. It offers a range of programs, from undergraduate to graduate, focusing on the visual and audiovisual arts. Founded in 1995, the department has a long history of attracting outstanding students. Several of its graduates have been awarded fellowships and academic teaching positions. Students in the program have interned with organizations such as Immortal Cinema in Burbank, Calif., and KCTS in Seattle.

UCLA has also established a strong community of film and media artists on campus. Students have created a variety of spaces for creative expression and collaboration. The Kirner-Johnson Building features state-of-the-art technology for instruction. There are team rooms and classrooms for group projects.

The College of Arts & Sciences is home to many undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of cinema and media studies. Students interested in these fields can choose from a range of majors, from art to geography. The program also has an interdisciplinary minor. In addition, students may take courses in screenwriting and narrative. They can even elect to gain professional experience through internships at leading media outlets.

As the medium of choice for the masses, cinema and media have the potential to change society. Films combine visuals, sound, and movement to create an impact unlike any other media. Not only can films provide entertainment and education, they can stimulate citizenship and promote the values of a good life. Moreover, they have a psychological and sociological effect.

The Film Studies Center supports the Cinema and Media Studies program by providing teaching spaces and screening facilities. Students have access to a large collection of 35mm and 16mm films. Moreover, there is a rich program of lectures. Other resources include the Shoah Foundation Archive, the Library of Congress Black Images Collection, and the Cinematic Arts Library. These institutions hold many donor collections.

UCLA’s Cinema and Media Studies program is a unique opportunity to explore the role of media in social and historical contexts. Students explore a range of topics, including the aesthetics of television and films, the role of digital media, and film’s relation to aesthetics. The program offers graduate and undergraduate seminars that allow students to deepen their knowledge and research.

As a student in the department, you can earn academic credit through a number of internships. You can also participate in proseminars, which are designed to build your writing and discussion skills. In addition, the Professional Track is for students pursuing careers in film festivals and archives.