Network Cabling Contractor San Antonio

When it comes to a fully functional and high-performing IT infrastructure, the most important component is the wiring. Network Cabling Contractor San Antonio the foundation that all your computers, tablets, phones and other devices connect to – it allows you to access your private intranet, internet and phone system. So you need to make sure your cabling is installed by a company that – simply put – knows what they are doing.

What does a network cabling specialist do?

That is where Legend Cabling Solutions come in. Whether you have a new construction project that needs to be fully CAT6 or CAT7 or a existing building that just requires some additional ethernet drops, we have the experience and knowledge to get it done right. We are involved in the entire process from Network Design, Cable Management Installation to Roughing and Termination as well as Testing, Certification and Labeling. This ensures the work is properly done and that it meets industry standards and specifications – with professional results.

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We have years of experience designing and installing LAN and WAN copper and fiber optic transmission media. Our experience and BICSI RCDD trained team can help you select the right equipment, and correctly install it to maximize your investment. We provide installation services for small and large new construction, commercial up-fits, remodels and MAC work orders.