360degree Surround Cinema

If you are interested in the emerging world of 360-degree surround cinema, you may be wondering if there is a way to enjoy a truly immersive movie experience without spending a fortune. There are a few new technologies on the market that make it possible. These technologies include a 360-degree video and a patented surround sound system. Both of these are designed to enhance the immersive nature of a movie.

The 360-degree video is a film format that can be viewed online or on a virtual reality headset. It uses an omnidirectional camera to capture a 360-degree view of the scene. Traditionally, films have used a static camera, but now that CGI is available, it is possible to use a 360-degree camera to achieve the same effect.

A patented technology known as Q3D Holophony allows for a true three-dimensional audio experience. This technology works with both live broadcasts and movies. Using a proprietary algorithm, it gauges the audio environment and translates it into a 360-degree 3D audio experience. Unlike traditional surround sound setups, this technology is wireless and easy to install.

Another patented technology on the market is TigerFox Immerse 360. This pre-configured pop-up surround sound system is a unique and revolutionary solution that eliminates the hassles of a conventional surround sound set-up. In only 3 minutes, the system pops up and surrounds you in a personal sound bubble. It works with a wide variety of content, including music, videos, television shows, and games.

Until now, the only way to have a truly immersive 360-degree movie experience was to purchase a surround sound system that could be installed and reinstalled. While this might work, the setup is expensive and requires a permanent room. Many of these systems are also complicated.

The most popular form of 360-degree video is an omnidirectional rig. An omnidirectional rig is a device that uses nine or more cameras to capture a wide-angle view. This camera is usually mounted on top of an automobile. When combined with a revolving camera, the result is a panoramic visual experience that surrounds the audience with a 360-degree view of the world.

ScreenX takes moviegoing to a whole new level. This multi-projection theatre experience puts the audience in the middle of the action. Featuring a 270-degree panoramic visual, audiences are transported to outer space. As they watch, they are immersed in the thrill of a true action adventure.

Currently, RML is operating a 10-screen, 360-degree surround cinema installation in a 2×3 rectangular space. Artists can test new technologies and experiment with composition and fabrication, while a team of media professionals oversees the production of artworks.

Liz Harris and Paul Clipson have been working together for over five years, creating audio-visual spatial cinema works. They have created immersive a/v spatial cinema pieces for a range of performances and projects. Now they have the opportunity to debut the 360-degree incarnation of their HYPNOSIS DISPLAY in an immersive environment.

To learn more about these technologies, visit RECOMBINANT festival. During the three-day event, visitors can explore a wide range of creative and innovative works, including the first ever live immersive a/v spatial cinema performance.